Hendrix Roadies Care

For any inquiry towards this amazing project, you may contact the Hendrix Roadies Care Management with the contact information provided below. We appreciate your interest and would love to hear from you!

Hendrix Roadies Care President | Sandy Espinoza
Phone 1-888-722-9007, ALWAYS AVAILABLE  24 hours a day, 365 days a year


Mental health help

During this incredibly stressful time, there is nothing wrong with asking for help. We will be listing daily more resources for assistance in many ways. If you have any other suggestions of help you are seeking or know about and would like listed, please call the Toll Free number above. We want to help in any way we can.

Adopt a Roadie

People in need can use electronic gift certificates to Target, Walmart, Amazon so they can buy food to survive. These stores are nationwide so people can get help anywhere in the USA. (Currently, we’re working on other options for people outside of the USA.)

IF YOU WANT TO HELP, please consider an electronic gift certificate in ANY amount that will make a huge difference in someone’s life. 

Let us know if would would like to participate in this way to assist and we can match up those in need with those that can assist.

Find more ways to help!

We are as strong as the community that holds it up. Together, we can do more than we can do alone. Let’s bring our abilities and passions together to affect real change.

There are many ways to join us and support our mission. Contact us to find out  more about volunteer opportunities, fundraising events, and ways that you can spread the message.

Online Store


A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of any merchandise go directly to this project to help feed and support local and national crew members in the entertainment business who have suffered financially due to Covid-19. 

The entertainment industry has taken an indescribable hit that may take years from which to truly recover. 

While most people look at the stars in the entertainment world, many people overlook the thousands of crew members and behind the scenes personnel that it takes to make even the smallest productions happen. 

From sound engineers and lighting directors to guitar techs, drum techs, personal assistants, security guards, concession workers, tour managers, and on and on. Every one of these people have been drastically affected by Covid-19.