Dave Weyer Jimi Hendrix Woodstock Wah

In January 2017, Thomas made Vox wah pedal that was put together pre-production and modded for Jimi Hendrix just in time for Woodstock in 1969 was sold for 33k at gbase auction. https://www.gbase.com/gear/dave-weyer-vox-wha-for-hendrix-woo-wha-1969-

This wah that was made for Hendrix for quite a lot of attention. At first, I was a bit skeptical of it due to it being the same Thomas boards they used in the 70s on crybaby and vox wahs made in Sepulveda California.

I went on a hunt for the truth about this wah. Was it a scam or was it truly made in 1969 for Hendrix? I dug deep in Google at first, Trudging through articles with Dave Weyer and his career. Articles about Jimi’s gear that Dave modded. Then, I was speaking to a few colleagues in the industry including a friend who worked for Thomas Organ in the 70s about it. When all the smoke cleared and all the providance was in about the parts used and manufacturer date codes, it seems to be made when Dave Weyer said it was.

The auction got a ton of attention and I had a few customers ask if I could recreate the wah. Since I had a great gut shot and knew the specs and mods from my research plus the listing on gbase had a ton of info in it, I said, “Yes, I can re-create that – no problem!”

So, here we are today I have put together 2 of these and plan on another one soon. Since the guts of the crybaby and vox from the early 70s are the same specs, I started with a 70s Thomas made crybaby wah with the correct TDK Inductor. That is then measured to make sure it’s the same as Jimi’s or there about.

Then, I was able to locate the rest of the parts NOS to recreate this wah. The tops are from 90s re-issue USA VOX wahs.  I have even tried to recreate the type of screws that Weyer put into Jimi’s wah for authenticity.

So, you get vintage and NOS parts inside your wah except the switch. I use a modern one for reliability. I even stamped my initials under the board like Dave did on Jimi’s. These sound excellent and are also fuzz friendly.

Here are some pics of the Weyer/Hendrix wah and then below those the Kinnatone tribute to show you the details I have put into these.

These are pics of my Kinnatone tribute #2 of 3 only thing extra is my customer requested a 9v power jack.

Authored by: Brian Kinnaman Owner Kinnatone

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